Author: pablo

Tree of light

This started with the doodling of one triangle. What a delight it is to create.

Me, me, me

Shut up. Listen. You’ll get your turn.

Under the sea

A flamboyant shrimp takes 5.


Garden shines.


Tumbleheads move with the wind.


Had a desire to draw a sheep, don’t know why. I think it turned out wooly nicely.


Here’s another drawing of a pit bull that is hoping to find a new home, created for a local rescue organization. I enjoy doing these. Zoom in and you can see the patterns I used to darken her spots. This made the drawing more interesting for me.

Dancing Queens

Enjoyed creating this last night. A simple duplication and horizontal flip of the original image make things more interesting…


As I reflect on Trump Republicans and the plight of black Americans I find myself filled with a combination of rage, sadness and helplessness. Today I feel despondent.


Wednesday morning drawing…