Hair peace

Mrs Jankowski was an occasional backup singer for the B52’s. Back in the day.

Peaceful people are precious.


Pride pill piggies

Good luck:

Wee wee wee…

Smokey likes soul, but…

He likes safety even more.

Decade doodles

Two doodles inspired by music from the 70’s and a book published in 1980. I was born in the Nixionian year of 1972.


A couple twitter inspired doodles…


Cartoon below and more thoughts on fatherhood over at

(Sorta) new job

The cartoon below has nothing to do with my new employment, other than being set in the context of a workplace. Read about my gig over at

Bicycles built for…

Some stupid bicycle cartoons! Visit for more…

I’m partial to the toucan one. How about you?

Significant Otter

Here’s silly cartoon that you can read more about over at

Happy Friday!


Cartoon below and some thoughts on community and social media over at

Happy Sunday night…