Sunday pondering


Creating is therapeutic. 

Fake views

The best part of making these gallery cartoons is creating the background “paintings.” Not too shabby.


Probably wishing he had his phone…

Fly away

Hate when this happens…


They are rather fetching.

Drinking vessel

Just messing around with some watercolors…


8-24-16 boxed

This drawing tablet has pretty well scratched my painting itch, though I would like to get the brushes back out for real. No deeper meaning here that I’m aware of, but who knows what is going on at the level of the subconscious.


8-24-16 unclean

Even the Son of Man is piling on Oreos…


8-13-16 Big Picture

Another New Yorker remainder. If I had the digital means when I created these cartoons I would have added grayscale (“color”) to them, which would help them pop a bit more. Maybe I’ll still do that.