I’m no great thinker. But I do my fair share of staring off in the distance and pondering. Maybe the resulting smoke would form a fetching head cover something like this.


I’m much too large of a human being to have any success (or enjoyment) with rock climbing. But I have felt both the elation of scrambling up the cliff of life as well as the terror of wondering if I’ve run out of handholds. This doodle emerged while messing around with Procreate.

Cat weekend

Existential kitty:

A doodle of lament:

Deep thoughts

A couple more doodles to brighten your day…


A wonderful weekend in Colorado with friends included a little bit of creating time.


Some light verse


Sunday pondering

Fly away

Hate when this happens…


Observation: good ideas (cartoon, and otherwise) don’t come from being in the crowd.