Water and ink

These were fun to do. Started each with a random splotch of watercolor and then let my imagination go, adding a little ink to come up with something recognizable.


Vacuum salad

Thursday is the day after Wednesday. Happy Thursday…

Laundry boogers

The daily two step is below:

Amazon babies

Two more doodles. Enjoy your Tuesday…

Random doodles

Heres an unrelated set of three. At least, I don’t think there’s any connection. Maybe you’ll discover one.

Sunday doodles

Two whimsical doodles and one rather heavy:

Decade doodles

Two doodles inspired by music from the 70’s and a book published in 1980. I was born in the Nixionian year of 1972.

Friday doodles

Just some silliness involving dinosaurs and tape dispensers…

Deep thoughts

A couple more doodles to brighten your day…


A couple twitter inspired doodles…