Now in bookstores…

Oh behave, Mr. Darcy!


Not a summer-time cartoon

Cold shoulder coming…


Do these pick up lines ever work? Asking for a friend.

Academy Awards prep #3

He needs a Stadium Pal. (Google it)



They should never have made those new Arrested Development episodes…

Not Scott?


It’s only a matter of time before Disney brings us “Hamilton on Ice!”

Fourth position

8-14-16 fernando

Just messing around…but not tutu much.

February 24, 2016

2-24-16 dead pool

Anyone see the movie? Does it involve billiards?

February 16, 2016

2-16-16 grammys

I did not watch the Grammys last night, just listened a bit as the wife and daughter did. It’s a yearly reminder of how little interest I have in popular music today. Awards shows bring out the worst in me, anyway…

January 8, 2016

1-8-16 background - color

Way too much regulation in the theatre these days…