Holy veggies

Old cartoon.

Jesus says fruit > vegetables

Meat lover

I’ve had no desire to doodle the last few days. Caught up in reading a couple books. But made myself put the book down and here’s what happened:

Two consumption doodles

When I was a kid we had a dog named Bonnie who regularly jumped over our fence seeking neighborhood adventure. If she happened upon a canine or feline road apple along the way she would pause for a quick snack. Her breath was delicious!

Rhymes with “ips”:

Cereal situation

A breakfast pondering:

Pot belly bagel

Saturday park observation:

A strange cartoon that I like a lox:

Potato dust

Potatoes in the Dark! A spudtacular drama…now streaming on Netflix.

Got swept up on Doug’s story the other night:

Vacuum salad

Thursday is the day after Wednesday. Happy Thursday…

Amazon babies

Two more doodles. Enjoy your Tuesday…


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