Fruity foot fun

Kiwis are good, but they’re a lot of work. My son avoids this by eating them like an apple, peel and all.

This one is…

…extra sharp. 

Snowman cone

Three frosty scoops. 

She’s no patriot…

You make 

Tube steak?

You take

Bathroom break.


The worst.

Examen material

For those who know Ignatian spirituality this might be amusing. Cartoons are always consolation, right?

Standard lunch

Intelligent, energetic…with a taste for the ridiculous. 

Extra scoop

I showed this to my daughter and she said, “What the heck?” Heehee.

Sonny side up?

Hope he doesn’t scramble tomorrow’s liturgy…


As long as they don’t start stocking toemato…