Happy Juneteenth! (Don’t let the Donald ruin it for you.)

Renaissance Man

I was listening to a podcast that mentioned the word, “renaissance.” That got me thinking about the idea of the “renaissance man.” Then I started playing around with that phrase and attaching it to Mr. da Vinci.

The mind is a strange organ.

Game of Thrones: next steps

A option for a certain breed of dedicated fan? I visited a Renaissance Festival this past weekend. Read about that and more at DoodleJesus.com


No, use your legs, Quasi.


Never thought I’d see it in my lifetime: #16 UMBC 74 — #1 Virginia 54.

Box out

Good game…wish we could have seen a buzzer beater opportunity, but…

Advice for L&C

Just horsing around.

Mount Trumpmore


Honestly getting a bit bored with piling on The Donald. It’s too easy. Do like the style of this cartoon, however.

Useless Pie Chart


Happy Thanksgiving cartoon consumers.

Welcome to the new world


It’s a couple days early for this cartoon but let’s all enjoy it anyway.