What a long, strange trip it’s been.


Thursday night groaner:


This one makes me giggle a bit.


Last year’s Jesus-breakfast-wordplay-cartoon. Happy Easter!


We used to play this a lot in my friend group. Good memories.


Here’s a few mask-centric submissions.

This first one acknowledges Palm Sunday and the joke is a bit biblical nerdy.

Next, here’s three famous works of art adhering to the universal masking suggestion.

And a creation of my own: an abstract nurse. I work with nurses and they truly are the heroes of this bizarre time.

Holy veggies

Old cartoon.

Jesus says fruit > vegetables

Random doodle Jesus job

Started with a squiggle and went from there…

And a couple options for Mr. Jesus:

Jesus, Trump, cat

Had the idea to put some of the words attributed to Jesus from Luke’s gospel—with one edit—into the mouth of Mr. Trump. Yikes.

And something a little less frightening:


Cartoon below and more thoughts, including a recommendation to a timely podcast episode over at