Today’s prompt: bookstore

This took a long time to draw but I’m very pleased with the result. Bookstores and libraries were some of my favorite places as a child, and remain so as an adult.


Friday doodle of the amazing Dadman…

Kinda done


Humor is how I deal with things.

Pot belly bagel

Saturday park observation:

A strange cartoon that I like a lox:

Ride or die and…

Wednesday is the apex of the workweek. It’s all downhill from here… 🙂

This next doodle is about something we all want, but something we all withhold from others. Why is that?

Bob and Janice

A Bob and Janice cartoon below. More of these two here:

Happy sixth day of the week…


Cartoon below and more thoughts on fatherhood over at


A much tamer post than yesterday. Cartoon below and more cartoons and commentary over at

Happy Wednesday! Go get some exercise…

Death and Homework

Cartoon below and thoughts and death and what comes next over at