Bob and Janice

A Bob and Janice cartoon below. More of these two here:

Happy sixth day of the week…



Cartoon below and more thoughts on fatherhood over at


A much tamer post than yesterday. Cartoon below and more cartoons and commentary over at

Happy Wednesday! Go get some exercise…

Death and Homework

Cartoon below and thoughts and death and what comes next over at

Dear diary…

Cartoon below and thoughts on diary keeping and other miscellaneous musings over at

Click over and check it out, you’ll be glad you did.


There’s nothing more exciting than weather, right? Read about Southern California specific weather at, and sign up to follow…


Permanent costume.

The bell tolls

Summer’s never long enough when you’re a kid.

Miss Marple

Pete’s right. I should have bought a turtle.

Grace and Pete

Trying something new here. Might get a little blue at times.

McCain will be missed…