Fly away

Hate when this happens…


This is how it feels to get out of bed some days…


Baffling and beautiful.

Helen reaches

Stay grounded, Helen. Two other Helen cartoons can be found here and here


I like Helen. You can see another cartoon with Helen here.

Coffee talk

Maybe the real action’s on the outside?


Sometimes it’s hard to decide.

Parking rage


…except when it is. T-shirt/bumper sticker messaging is fun to play with. I really like how the drawing turned out on this one.

A poem

mystery poem

Written after learning that a man I care about will soon die. My prayers for he and his family…


8-18-16 bitmoji

Getting to the last of the rejected batch of February New Yorker submissions. But I received an email a few days ago about a couple more that didn’t make the cut, so…