I’ve been learning the piano during COVID. The notes sometimes speak to me but I’ve not experienced this sort of keyboard kerfuffle.

Just like heaven

80’s and 90’s music and political wordplay cartoon…


Listening to Aztec Camera’s Knife album. A lyric from the song ‘Backwards and Forwards’ with accompanying watercolor blob. I’ve always enjoyed songs that evoke melancholy, though I can’t explain why.

Attention cat power

One of our primary emotional needs is for attention. We’ll seek it wherever we can find it. Social media is uniquely set up to meet this need.

Inspired by Cat Power’s “Colors and the Kids,” which is very evocative for me. I could do little drawings for each phrase in this song. Maybe I will.

Plastic groove

They really should ban all plastic:

Find your groove:

Piano and cigarettes

Here’s a couple of New Yorker rejects that I never shared:

Cannonball Golf

Tuesday ‘toons…

Chili cheese mainline justice

A Monday morning triple. Have a jolly week…


Cartoon below and more thoughts on pie by way of Four Tops puns over at