This woman emerged in my doodling session tonight, while listening to Portishead, Bettie Serveert, etc.

REM-ember to groan

I listened to REM’s “Green” album over and over again one weekend in high school while working on art projects. Could probably still sing it all…

How the sausage is made

Everything I create now is on the Sketches Pro app on my iPad. Here’s how it shakes out, if you’re interested:

Katy Perry’d


Still seeking a “Substitute.”

Foghat fan

Created this while watching reruns of the The Office last night. Season 3.


Sometimes pianos eliminate the middle pedal altogether. Like it doesn’t even exist. *sniff*

Mr. Jones

Some digital painting accompanied by Ben Folds.

Hymn Series #1

And a happy Sabbath to you.

You can call me…

Make a new plan, Stan.