Rejected by the New Yorker. 😩

Talk to the tree

Know thyself. Or knot. 

Yes it is…

…but pretty interesting, too. Doodle from the back of the church bulletin. 


She’s a stormy one.


This is how it feels to get out of bed some days…


This was fun to draw. 

Arbor Day Archive

Old cartoon with some added color. Fact: if you sniff between the bark plates on a Jeffrey pine you get a nice vanilla smell.


One earth. Let’s not allow the greedy and short-sighted to win the day. 

Tree gaze

Saw a lot of nice trees up in the mountains the last couple days…

Moon archives

4-17-15 ellipsis - color

In honor of the SUPERMOON here’s a wordplay cartoon from the archives. I had an idea to draw Superman baring his caboose but due to lack of time will have to keep the pants on that one.