Doodling on the phone while watching Shohei Ohtani hit home runs on the tablet.

Hygienic haiku

It’s time to replace my toothbrush.

Some light verse


Gregory’s goth advice

Existentially tortured…great…same difference. 

Hidden among all that is…

Friday poems

A poem

mystery poem

Written after learning that a man I care about will soon die. My prayers for he and his family…


8-12-16 being happy

Fun to draw/paint a larger face and pair it with this quote from one of Mr. Wendell Berry’s poems.


8-11-16 geranium

Here’s another one that didn’t make the cut for The New Yorker. Orchids go for Lord Byron every time.

Public Service Cartoon

7-8-16 perfume


Friday Verse

7-1-16 shower

It’s definitely the women at our house. I think they take pride in it.