Safety first, Louis.




Mechanical pencils have it easy.

Off the menu


Unless they’re fried and covered in cheese.

Sacrament suspicion

8-7-16 merlot

Here’s another rejected New Yorker cartoon from the batch of ten. I really liked this one. It could have been drawn better but I find the idea pretty funny.

Different strokes…

7-15-16 minor chord


March 1, 2016

3-1-16 crushed ice

You’ll figure it out. The glass is always greener.

March 3, 2015

3-3-15 bottle - color

…and wears a catheter.

It seems wherever I go, now, women have increasingly larger and larger water bottles on their desks. At some point there has to be counter trend, right? If not, this cartoon is where we’re headed.

January 8, 2015

1-8-15 dishwasher - color

Usually I’m the off-panel voice in this…discussion.

January 7, 2015

1-7-15 donuts - color

You forgot gluten-free!

Our modern day food advertising is very entertaining. Companies stumble over themselves to make sure every possible want of the hyper-sensitive public is catered to. Meanwhile, most of us know the emperor has no clothes.