Send her back

Some cartoons riffing off the lunatic Trump crowd. If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry…

More stuff over at DoodleJesus.com



One last Labor Day cartoon. I start a new job tomorrow–will try to keep this in mind.

Quote is from Wilkie Au, S.J.

Caption this

Doodled this last night but don’t know what he should say. Help me out? I’ll repost with the best idea.

The shoe life

The idea and the drawing don’t always come together. In this case they did. Good cartoon.

There’s an app for that


Here’s one of two seasonal cartoons The New Yorker didn’t want as their Valentine.

Note: I admit that when I was creating this I thought “wherefore” meant “where”, as in location. My wonderful mom informed me that it is the archaic way of asking “why?” Hmm. It still works…

It’s gonna be a cruel summer


Daniel, son, this is going to hurt.

Another beatitude


It feels like he’s trying to pedal something…

Squeezing in some reading

9-1-16 circumstances

Well…most of the time?

Here’s another one a certain magazine relegated to coach.

Foot instructions

8-31-16 roman horses

I like to think that Big J was a funny guy.


8-24-16 unclean

Even the Son of Man is piling on Oreos…