Pillow talk

I don’t often laugh at my own stuff but this really amuses me.


Open mic crap

Seems to me we’ve all got enough of our own. Time to offload?

Creatively stringing words and phrases together is entertaining for me:

Pot belly bagel

Saturday park observation:

A strange cartoon that I like a lox:

Alpha anniversary change

Inspired from a walk in the park:

For my 22nd wedding anniversary:

A Bettie Serveert song lyric got this one going:

Vacuum salad

Thursday is the day after Wednesday. Happy Thursday…


Cartoon below and more thoughts on modern communication over at

Game night

Using all seven tiles in Scrabble is called a “bingo.”


You can do it, Tony!


What a gift to be even partially understood in life.

We all need…

…our places and our people.