Sans worms

Another one drawn on my phone. The tiny screen makes it challenging but kind of fun, too. 

Blue planet

This might a catch and release situation.

This is what happens…

…when you grow up reading MAD magazine.

Civil servant blessing


Decided the guy at the back of the group is perfectly positioned for extra commentary. Joy!

Executive privilege?


In life platitudes are rarely helpful. In cartoons they can be amusing. I bet they were all dark chocolate…

Parking rage


…except when it is. T-shirt/bumper sticker messaging is fun to play with. I really like how the drawing turned out on this one.

Fungus concerns


What kind of sandals would Big J wear today? Rainbows?



Had an idea to try to capture the “lost beatitudes” of Jesus. You know, the ones that Matthew wasn’t there to write down. Stay tuned for more!


9-4-16 eye for eye

More Jesus humor for a Sunday morning.

Foot instructions

8-31-16 roman horses

I like to think that Big J was a funny guy.