Science wordplay is fun…


Hello, hello, hello

If you don’t know the song you won’t find this amusing. Even if you know the song…

Chemistry fun

My family members were a little slow on the uptake on this one… 🙂


I’m really troubled by this. When the government starts telling their scientists what terminology they can and cannot use, that sets off some alarm bells.


She’s a stormy one.

Low blow

8-21-16 Fight Night

This one was probably too crude for The New Yorker, but I read the phrase “subduction zone” somewhere and couldn’t help myself. 😉

April 28, 2016

4-27-16 drink


November 18, 2015

11-18-15 chili 4 - color

Here is part 4 and the conclusion to our story. Hope you enjoyed it. I’m now working on some Thanksgiving material…

September 1, 2015

9-1-15 - data - color

June 4, 2015

6-4-15 semicolon - color