Every atom of your body is billions of years old. We are all old souls. Monday cartoon…

The eye

Was messing about with digital oils and ended up with this. Kind of looked like the cover of a 50’s SciFi novel, so I gave it an ominous title.


Today’s prompt: NASA

Uh oh.

Renaissance Man

I was listening to a podcast that mentioned the word, “renaissance.” That got me thinking about the idea of the “renaissance man.” Then I started playing around with that phrase and attaching it to Mr. da Vinci.

The mind is a strange organ.


Gerald needs taming.


Sorry, Grace.


Science wordplay is fun…

Hello, hello, hello

If you don’t know the song you won’t find this amusing. Even if you know the song…

Chemistry fun

My family members were a little slow on the uptake on this one… 🙂


I’m really troubled by this. When the government starts telling their scientists what terminology they can and cannot use, that sets off some alarm bells.