Pot belly bagel

Saturday park observation:

A strange cartoon that I like a lox:

Cannonball Golf

Tuesday ‘toons…

Saturday Only

Hey, all. I’ve created a new website/blog where I’ll probably be doing my primary posting moving forward. It can be found at and you can avoid eternal wrath by going there now and signing up. Might be a good idea. Here’s the cartoon I just posted over there:

Happy early Easter, y’all.


I never tire of wordplay. At night, I will often happily turn off the light, close my eyes, and just play with words and phrases in my mind until I fall asleep. When I find something that tickles me it turns into a cartoon, like the one above.


True story.


Good reflective listening, Grace.


Tomorrow’s cartoon today. I don’t really watch the NFL but, go Jets.


Soccer and hockey observations.


She is so wise.


Almost to the knockout stage. Justice Kennedy knocked himself out.