Plant jail

Something a little different to start off, and then an invitation to freedom.

Sunday doodles

Two whimsical doodles and one rather heavy:


Bad idea; Grace.

A woman…

…marching in her mind.


Science Files is apparently a German website about…science? (Seems a relatively safe assumption, but I cannot read German to verify.) They used one of my cartoons as seen on this screenshot. They did not ask permission. If it was still Oktoberfest I would let it go…


This was fun to create.


It’s up there, somewhere…

The 20%

No idea what this is about, but like how it turned out.

Friday nosh


Here’s another flavor that didn’t find a home. Rejected.

Cartoon upgrade

12-27-14 returns013 - color

Above is the original version of this two-year old cartoon. Below is an upgraded copy, incorporating some of the things I’ve slowly learned in the past 24 months. It’s fun to do this when I have a little time…