Observation: good ideas (cartoon, and otherwise) don’t come from being in the crowd.


Time to update the company WiFi…


9-5-16 pro-wife

Here’s another June submission to The New Yorker from which they quickly divorced themselves.

Catching up…

8-29-16 insubordination

Here’s one that was submitted to The New Yorker in June–they appear to be catching up with my output. Perhaps I have annoyed them enough to get on their radar. Curiously, they have skipped over a cartoon I submitted back in April that I thought was especially strong. Hmmm.

This particular one is amusing to me, pondering what might be in store for Mr. Jenkins from his obviously annoyed, costumed employee.


The power of ice cream

8-25-16 momentum

A newer declined New Yorker cartoon. The next few you’ll see I am still learning how to use the Monoprice Drawing Tablet–as evidenced by the pixilation.

I read the phrase “positive emotional momentum” somewhere and this is the result. I like that she’s trying to explain her double scoop cone to a pigeon.


Meeting etiquette

7-22-16 debrief

Nice to have extra time to draw more cartoons today. I’m really streaking along here.

May 2, 2016

5-2-16 vanpool

Once you learn Klingon every other language is a piece of cake.

January 14, 2016

1-14-16 productivity - color

I think I have occupied both of these chairs from time to time… 🙂

Archives Day

3-10-15 not now - color

One of my favorite cartoonists is Jerry Van Amerongen, of The Neighborhood and Ballard Street fame. Though not anywhere near his level artistically or creatively, this cartoon, for me, captures a little bit of that absurdist feel I like so much in his work.

Archives Day

11-30-14 back to work-1

This year I had a whole six days off but it never feels long enough. Good luck with the re-entry…