Red Hat

Another rejected New Yorker cartoon…but a worthy effort, no?

Patriotism or profits?

The irony is just incredible. 

Making the kingdom…

…great again.

She’s no patriot…

You make 

Tube steak?

You take

Bathroom break.

Katy Perry’d

Speech leak…

Too many characters for a Twitter post. Here’s a leaked excerpt from Trump’s upcoming 4th of July speech…

A giant and his dog

I suppose they could move from state to state rather quickly…

Gregory’s goth advice

Existentially tortured…great…same difference. 

Band messaging


I had this idea while taking a walk in the rain and listening to The National today. Started pondering band names. It was fun to think through and create. Lots of other t-shirt options, too, of course…

Party seeking

8-15-16 candidate