Ecclesiastes inspired…

Soul talk

Cartoon below and more thoughts over at

Happy Sunday, people!

Lament for a Son

In order to understand the title of this cartoon you need to read the commentary that undergirds it. You can do that at

Happy Friday…


The stained glass was fun to create. I love trees.


This cartoon from last year is apropos…Go Retrievers!

They don’t ride up

One has to start somewhere…

Another beatitude


It feels like he’s trying to pedal something…


8-24-16 unclean

Even the Son of Man is piling on Oreos…

December 19, 2015

12-19-15 aweighmanger - color

Frank Sinatra crooning to baby Jesus while Gene Kelly dances? I’m in!

October 18, 2015 – 500th Post

10-18-15 - appreciation - color

500th post…hey, that feels pretty good.

The church at which I work is very good at appreciating its staff–no complaints here. Was just playing with the idea of what “appreciation” might look like from someone who wasn’t feeling it.