Left one

I’ve reached the stage of life that requires eyebrow maintenance. My barber volunteers to trim them when I get a haircut but I’ve found she cuts them so short that I now politely refuse her offer. She pretends to be offended, and I think perhaps she is a bit. Who am I to claim more knowledge of how the eyebrow should be trimmed? But I hold my ground and then go home and do a slightly less lousy job of it myself.


Plastic groove

They really should ban all plastic:

Find your groove:

Self finder

Freedom to be oneself is the greatest gift.

Song from The National inspired this one:

Pride pill piggies

Good luck:

Wee wee wee…

Laundry boogers

The daily two step is below:

Random doodles

Heres an unrelated set of three. At least, I don’t think there’s any connection. Maybe you’ll discover one.


“You got the A, the B, the C and the D. That’s the biggest.” –Frank Costanza


Hands up.


Breathe, Grace, breathe.


Happy Labor Day, especially to the mums.