Seems like a good time to repost this cartoon.

Remember when Trump said he could shoot somebody in Times Square and get away with it? What will it take for this man’s enablers to see what an travesty of a “leader” he is?


Today’s prompt: bookstore

This took a long time to draw but I’m very pleased with the result. Bookstores and libraries were some of my favorite places as a child, and remain so as an adult.


I’m enjoying channeling my inner Shel Silverstein, who has always been a hero of mine.


Doodlin’ and writin’…

Bedtime duck

It’s also when I fall asleep:

A Friday duck story (to help you slumber):

Dog day triangles

The day after.

The Sorcerer’s Stone? Fine. But not Azkaban.

If this were true I might have done better in geometry:

Sherlock neutrality

One scribble and one doodle. Happy Friday…

Decade doodles

Two doodles inspired by music from the 70’s and a book published in 1980. I was born in the Nixionian year of 1972.


No, use your legs, Quasi.


Grace needs more circulation.