Today’s prompt: bookstore

This took a long time to draw but I’m very pleased with the result. Bookstores and libraries were some of my favorite places as a child, and remain so as an adult.


I’m enjoying channeling my inner Shel Silverstein, who has always been a hero of mine.


Doodlin’ and writin’…

Bedtime duck

It’s also when I fall asleep:

A Friday duck story (to help you slumber):

Dog day triangles

The day after.

The Sorcerer’s Stone? Fine. But not Azkaban.

If this were true I might have done better in geometry:

Sherlock neutrality

One scribble and one doodle. Happy Friday…

Decade doodles

Two doodles inspired by music from the 70’s and a book published in 1980. I was born in the Nixionian year of 1972.


No, use your legs, Quasi.


Grace needs more circulation.