October 16, 2015

10-16-15 - JayZboy - color

Somewhere in the United States right now, a group of white people are in a room trying to figure out how to market products to African Americans. I’m just another white boy but I think the Jay-Z Boy urban recliner could be dope. 

January 20, 2015

1-20-15 chair man - color

As a Wilco fan it was difficult not to type “Nels Cline,” their outstanding lead guitarist. I suppose he is the chairman of the chord…

March 26, 2014

March 26, 2014

I’m not celebrating irresponsibility here as much as enjoying the use of vocabulary to somewhat mask irresponsibility. Big words will always obfuscate middle management. And I gave the boss a mustache because it feels like all surly bosses should have a mustache.