REM-ember to groan

I listened to REM’s “Green” album over and over again one weekend in high school while working on art projects. Could probably still sing it all…



The story of my life.


According to this I should be driving a better car.


When I was teaching my son to drive I referred to the speed bumps in the mall as “velocity mounds.” Sounded very refined.

Saturday morning lyft…

Observation: people seem to have very strong feeling about Lyft and Uber.

Alternate car signs #1

…listening to The Smiths. Is it really so strange?

Parking rage


…except when it is. T-shirt/bumper sticker messaging is fun to play with. I really like how the drawing turned out on this one.

April 30, 2016

4-30-16 AAA

I want to work on creating my own font but I haven’t had the time yet. Anyone have any experience with that, or some tips for programs to use?

January 4, 2016

1-4-16 carburator - color

Happy new year, folks. Sorry for the lack of cartoons–I was out of town and busy with holiday cheer. We spent some of the time in Colorado and it was about 15-25 degrees for most of our visit. Perhaps that inspired this very bad pun…

October 12, 2015

10-12-15 - preowned - color

All original miles, too.