Unwanted seasoning…

One hopes…

Quote read this weekend.

Fruity foot fun

Kiwis are good, but they’re a lot of work. My son avoids this by eating them like an apple, peel and all.

Paint pondering

This was a fun illustration to create.

REM-ember to groan

I listened to REM’s “Green” album over and over again one weekend in high school while working on art projects. Could probably still sing it all…

Caption this

Doodled this last night but don’t know what he should say. Help me out? I’ll repost with the best idea.

Friday night

Have had this idea for awhile. Finally doodled it out.

A turn of phrase

Re-reading some Wendell Berry and enjoyed this description of Uncle Andrew.

Sign language

Watch out for Blondie.


You can do it, Tony!