Death and Homework

Cartoon below and thoughts and death and what comes next over at


Game of Thrones: next steps

A option for a certain breed of dedicated fan? I visited a Renaissance Festival this past weekend. Read about that and more at

Dear diary…

Cartoon below and thoughts on diary keeping and other miscellaneous musings over at

Click over and check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

Bicycles built for…

Some stupid bicycle cartoons! Visit for more…

I’m partial to the toucan one. How about you?


Social commentary cartoon that probably won’t at all divisive, right? Thoughts on abortion over at


Outstanding ‘toon below. Thoughts on New Yorker rejection and vehicular preferences at Check it out…

Significant Otter

Here’s silly cartoon that you can read more about over at

Happy Friday!


A new, delicious cartoon is below. Read more about it and thoughts on the sacrament of communion over at


Cartoon below and some thoughts on community and social media over at

Happy Sunday night…


Very sad to hear this news today…sigh.

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