Our favorite (?) conspiracy-loving macaw, Rufus, is back with some seasonal cheer. Saturday cartoon…


Senate Republican hypocrisy is
n e x t l e v e l


Cartoon below and more thoughts, including a recommendation to a timely podcast episode over at

Franklin Strikes Again

Less humor in these four cartoons and more opinion and commentary. I’ll always return to puns and wordplay, never fear. More thoughts and commentary (and cartoons) at


A new, delicious cartoon is below. Read more about it and thoughts on the sacrament of communion over at

Saturday Only

Hey, all. I’ve created a new website/blog where I’ll probably be doing my primary posting moving forward. It can be found at and you can avoid eternal wrath by going there now and signing up. Might be a good idea. Here’s the cartoon I just posted over there:

Happy early Easter, y’all.

Fungus concerns


What kind of sandals would Big J wear today? Rainbows?

May 25, 2016

5-26-16 symbols

I really like this idea.