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Old cartoon. Im with all these young people participating in the Climate Strike. Trump’s disdain toward our natural world and denial of our part in destroying it is at the top of the list for why he can’t be re-elected. He won’t personally destroy the earth (unless his narcissism, instability and ego result in nuclear war, which is possible) but his deregulation of sound environmental policies at home, refusal to participate in solutions globally, and encouragement of a “hoax” mindset have put us on a very dark path.

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One scribble and one doodle. Happy Friday…

December 30, 2014


12-30-14 resolutions - color

One man’s valiant attempt to improve air quality in the home, create monetary flexibility and combat climate change.

April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014

These two terms are referring to two entirely different things, but for many they are interchangeable. And one is more “loaded” than the other. I think it’s amusing that we have to find new names for concepts that have become too “political,” and it’s fun to think up the names too.