Promotion Shred

Here’s a Gumby-esque skater for your viewing pleasure:

And a small compilation of doodles I put together for self-promotion:

Reminder that all artwork posted is available to purchase: $25/print. Cheers!


Outstanding ‘toon below. Thoughts on New Yorker rejection and vehicular preferences at Check it out…


Nothing ventured…


True story.



This is most of us, I believe. But I may be projecting.


Good reflective listening, Grace.


Tomorrow’s cartoon today. I don’t really watch the NFL but, go Jets.

It’s good for you

Even non-observant fans will notice that Pete’s skin tone has changed. When I started this little comic a couple weeks ago I didn’t think everything through. I realized, however, after just a couple cartoons, that I wanted one of Grace & Pete to be non-white, to reflect our increasingly diverse world.

I was mad at myself and thought I was “stuck” with what I created. Then I thought. Wait a minute…I’m the creator! I can do whatever I want! So I made the change.

Hope you continue to enjoy the cartoon–I’m having a grand old time.

And I do believe, in a mysterious way, that laughter can heal us. But not leeches. Never leeches.


Thankfully, not a protracted conversation.