Meat lover

I’ve had no desire to doodle the last few days. Caught up in reading a couple books. But made myself put the book down and here’s what happened:

Game night

Using all seven tiles in Scrabble is called a “bingo.”


Fry sharing

Academy Awards Prep #4

Nothing better for the Academy Awards than tube steaks!

Dinner options


How many couples are getting engaged tonight? Another rejected New Yorker cartoon.

Thanksgiving Archive


I also prefer boxed stuffing to free-range stuffing. Here’s one from a year ago.

Useless Pie Chart


Happy Thanksgiving cartoon consumers.

Is that a casserole?

8-4-16 dinner


February 26, 2016

2-26-16 roberts rules

I spent last night at a denominational meeting. Drawing this cartoon helped me through. Some people really like polity; I do not. But I do like curly fries.