Self finder

Freedom to be oneself is the greatest gift.

Song from The National inspired this one:


Sunday doodles

Two whimsical doodles and one rather heavy:

Friday doodles

Just some silliness involving dinosaurs and tape dispensers…


A couple twitter inspired doodles…

On the spectrum

New doodle below and some brief thoughts over at…happy Sunday!


Strange cartoon below and attempted explanation of strange cartoon over at

Have a grand day…


Doodle below and thoughts about creating over at

Saturday Only

Hey, all. I’ve created a new website/blog where I’ll probably be doing my primary posting moving forward. It can be found at and you can avoid eternal wrath by going there now and signing up. Might be a good idea. Here’s the cartoon I just posted over there:

Happy early Easter, y’all.


“You got the A, the B, the C and the D. That’s the biggest.” –Frank Costanza