Books & Marbles

Doodled the stack on the right, not with any intention of what they might become. Decided they looked sort of like books and so added two more stacks. Filled in the space with small circles which began to look like marbles to me. The little girl was a final addition to make it more interesting.

The search

Sunday mice…


I’ve been learning the piano during COVID. The notes sometimes speak to me but I’ve not experienced this sort of keyboard kerfuffle.


The ants marveled at their good fortune while Richard didn’t think anything at all.

If you can

Friday night doodle and verse.


Thursday trinity.


This started out with what became the nose and went from there…

Me, me, me

Shut up. Listen. You’ll get your turn.

Under the sea

A flamboyant shrimp takes 5.


Garden shines.