My experience.



We have two cats, Wallace and Gromit. They’re delightful. But, wow, do they shed.


He doesn’t appear to be bottling up his emotions.


With a chaser of melancholy?

Patience, Chewie 

Is that a Solo cup?

Hair of the…

And soft on the hands!

Drinking vessel

Just messing around with some watercolors…

Post-election drink?


Hmm…just like the president-elect? Here’s another New Yorker cartoon that didn’t agree with the magazine’s palate.

Another one

8-23-16 gin rain

This is the final New Yorker return-to-sender from the group I submitted in February. They seemed to have quickened the pace of evaluations some, as I’ve received a few more emails telling me that my cartoons are not needed. I’ll keep posting them here so that they can break through the clouds and see the light of day.

Refreshment Rights

6-30-16 refreshment

Call the National Refill Association.