The eye

Was messing about with digital oils and ended up with this. Kind of looked like the cover of a 50’s SciFi novel, so I gave it an ominous title.


Wednesday morning ‘toon


Just a watercolor face with big eyes.


This woman emerged in my doodling session tonight, while listening to Portishead, Bettie Serveert, etc.

Books and brows

One of life’s better activities…

Black eye scenarios


Just started doodling and before I knew it I had a stern looking young man with a black eye. So of course I had to find four different stories to accompany his situation.


9-4-16 eye for eye

More Jesus humor for a Sunday morning.

November 13, 2015

11-13-15 macular - color

First cover for The Macular Degenerates? “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel.