Today writing/drawing prompt: Ridiculous

I couldn’t help myself.

Left one

I’ve reached the stage of life that requires eyebrow maintenance. My barber volunteers to trim them when I get a haircut but I’ve found she cuts them so short that I now politely refuse her offer. She pretends to be offended, and I think perhaps she is a bit. Who am I to claim more knowledge of how the eyebrow should be trimmed? But I hold my ground and then go home and do a slightly less lousy job of it myself.

Flower city sad face

This is the joy of doodling: beginning with blank space and seeing what emerges as one creates. I suppose it’s not a terrible way to approach each new day, as well.

Perhaps the face is sad to watch the flower city launch away.


Old doodle I found while cleaning…


Just a watercolor face with big eyes.

Another noggin

Doodling domes…

Downward mobility

I’m always taller in the morning. Have to adjust my rear view mirror on the way to and back home from work…

Who moved my cheese?

Another iPhone drawing while watching sports…

Thursday face

Watercolor exploration.