Lizard prophet peacockin’

Messing around with Procreate led to these three quickly created doodles:


Listening to Aztec Camera’s Knife album. A lyric from the song ‘Backwards and Forwards’ with accompanying watercolor blob. I’ve always enjoyed songs that evoke melancholy, though I can’t explain why.

Twitter ninjas

Twitter is excellent for this:

Posted yesterday. Ninjas probably aren’t too keen on Tuesdays either.

Twisty swell

Love is twisty:

The power of S:

Empath joy

For the Myers-Briggs fans. This is what it’s like to be a Feeler:

It’s a sad aspect of our human nature that often we cannot abide another’s happiness:

Random doodles

Heres an unrelated set of three. At least, I don’t think there’s any connection. Maybe you’ll discover one.

Sunday doodles

Two whimsical doodles and one rather heavy:


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I’m more Grace than Pete on this one.


Grace needs more circulation.