I caution anyone from associating too much meaning to my cartoons. Often, I simply start doodling and see where things go. In this case, I drew an abstract circle and then started manipulating its shape. It became what looked like a flame of fire to me. The rest followed. Happy Friday…

Smokey likes soul, but…

He likes safety even more.


I’m more Grace than Pete on this one.


There’s always one guy…



Cozy reading

Don’t try this with a tablet.

The weight of glory?

As a kid I was an acolyte at St. Stephen’s Episcopal church and once witnessed the rector’s son get his hair caught on fire by another acolyte. It wasn’t me. No, really.

Just rude

7-4-16 punk

November 12, 2015

11-12-15 dismantle - color

Aaaaand we’re back to wordplay.

October 20, 2015

10-20-15 - firedanger - color

Maybe Smokey can help him with his resume…