An abstract digital painting for a Sunday night.

Holy veggies

Old cartoon.

Jesus says fruit > vegetables

Masterpiece impeachment

This was fun to draw:

In light of current events, here’s a punny repost:


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Beat-boxing bunch.

Fruity foot fun

Kiwis are good, but they’re a lot of work. My son avoids this by eating them like an apple, peel and all.

Core choices


Here’s another one our friends at The New Yorker rejected.

Thanksgiving Archive


I also prefer boxed stuffing to free-range stuffing. Here’s one from a year ago.

Off the menu


Unless they’re fried and covered in cheese.

February 26, 2016

2-26-16 roberts rules

I spent last night at a denominational meeting. Drawing this cartoon helped me through. Some people really like polity; I do not. But I do like curly fries.