Introvert salvation

PSA for introverts and extroverts alike:

My theology is very close to universalism but human freedom means the opportunity of an eternal “no” is available (if insisted upon):

Random doodle Jesus job

Started with a squiggle and went from there…

And a couple options for Mr. Jesus:

Hearts and necks

One is good for you, one is not.

Poor Beverly:

Plant jail

Something a little different to start off, and then an invitation to freedom.

Philosophical messaging

Two new unrelated doodles. I heart Fridays…

On the spectrum

New doodle below and some brief thoughts over at DoodleJesus.com…happy Sunday!

Sunday Identity

Which pew works for you?

Head over to DoodleJesus.com for commentary on this cartoon.

Franklin Strikes Again

Less humor in these four cartoons and more opinion and commentary. I’ll always return to puns and wordplay, never fear. More thoughts and commentary (and cartoons) at DoodleJesus.com

Death and Homework

Cartoon below and thoughts and death and what comes next over at DoodleJesus.com

Dear diary…

Cartoon below and thoughts on diary keeping and other miscellaneous musings over at DoodleJesus.com

Click over and check it out, you’ll be glad you did.