Mystery is fine by me…


And long commercial breaks!

Hygienic haiku

It’s time to replace my toothbrush.

Some light verse



Maybe there’s an oil that can remove a country’s regret for electing the Donald?

Box score

Good guys are winning!


I like when people make obvious comments in a sincere manner. 

Not moving on…


I don’t read the news every day. But when I do I get angry and frustrated…and I think about starting blood pressure medication. Not sure my health, your health, America’s health or the health of the world can survive this man.

Core choices


Here’s another one our friends at The New Yorker rejected.

And a scantron.

9-3-16 tests

I think this one was also submitted in June. Not the best. But you just get an idea, draw it out and see what happens. Rinse and repeat. I haven’t submitted new cartoons in several weeks…need to get on that.