6-14-16 orlan-doh

My apologies for being cynical, but this is what I see. The Trump camp appears to be guiltier than Team Hillary at this point but that’s probably only because he’s behind in the polls. It’s sad but not at all surprising.

Here’s an old Whiteouts about guns:

3-28-14 tank too-1

And another one from last fall about our inability to find the political will to overcome the money and influence of the NRA:

12-5-15 commonsense - color

I don’t have the citation for this handy but about 80% of the American people favor bans on assault weapons and expanded background checks. And I’m sure the percentage is similar for prohibiting those on a terror watch list from purchasing weapons.

Contact your reps and make your voice heard. These steps won’t solve the problem–it’s way more complex than that. But they can begin to make a difference while still allowing those who want guns to have them for sport, hunting and protection.

Alright. That’s enough.



April 26, 2016

4-26-16 shades

Pleased with how this turned out. I did a couple of versions of this cartoon before wrestling it into its present form. In my experience it is getting more and more difficult to find people who have any kind of independent vision. It doesn’t help that our choices for “leadership” are so limited or that the system is so skewed that only those with vast economic resources and a willingness to play the game can legitimately participate. Sorry. I have to fight to keep my Cynical Shades in the drawer.