Our favorite (?) conspiracy-loving macaw, Rufus, is back with some seasonal cheer. Saturday cartoon…


Tuesday cartoon…


Monday cartoon…


Some people have assumed I’m enduring a personal loss. I’m not. This storyline just sort of emerged, probably from the almost-daily death I witness at the hospital in our COVID times, and reflecting on the grief families are feeling, often accentuated during the holidays. 2020 can suck an egg.


Part 3: Friday cartoon…


So said Louis Pasteur, who was vaccinated for Christmas.

Fat Santa: A New List


I know a lot of people on that list. Fat Santa was enjoyable to draw.

Holiday Lineup


This was fun to draw. Inspired by Gary Larson, of course.

Archives Day

6-7-14 awareness-1

Here’s another old one, back from the black and white days, and “pre-ear.” I’m still mystified as to who gets to determine when “awareness” days are scheduled and the topic for these days–or months. I pretty sure you or I could log on to Facebook and, if we had enough followers, could arbitrarily declare today to be “National Beef Jerky Day” and it would go viral.

September 7, 2015

9-7-15 - labour - color