I never tire of wordplay. At night, I will often happily turn off the light, close my eyes, and just play with words and phrases in my mind until I fall asleep. When I find something that tickles me it turns into a cartoon, like the one above.



One last Labor Day cartoon. I start a new job tomorrow–will try to keep this in mind.

Quote is from Wilkie Au, S.J.


Deliver to the rear of the building, please.


The only place where a #16 seed can beat a #1?

Delivery failure


Row faster!

The grass is not always…

Nope. It’s not.

You can call me…

Make a new plan, Stan.

Lunch break

This is happening all across our great county.,..

The shoe life

The idea and the drawing don’t always come together. In this case they did. Good cartoon.