(Sorta) new job

The cartoon below has nothing to do with my new employment, other than being set in the context of a workplace. Read about my gig over at


Cartoon below and more thoughts on clerical wear and vocation at


I never tire of wordplay. At night, I will often happily turn off the light, close my eyes, and just play with words and phrases in my mind until I fall asleep. When I find something that tickles me it turns into a cartoon, like the one above.


One last Labor Day cartoon. I start a new job tomorrow–will try to keep this in mind.

Quote is from Wilkie Au, S.J.


Deliver to the rear of the building, please.


The only place where a #16 seed can beat a #1?

Delivery failure


Row faster!

The grass is not always…

Nope. It’s not.

You can call me…

Make a new plan, Stan.