Friday morning cartoon…

Books & Marbles

Doodled the stack on the right, not with any intention of what they might become. Decided they looked sort of like books and so added two more stacks. Filled in the space with small circles which began to look like marbles to me. The little girl was a final addition to make it more interesting.


Today’s prompt: bookstore

This took a long time to draw but I’m very pleased with the result. Bookstores and libraries were some of my favorite places as a child, and remain so as an adult.

Bedtime duck

It’s also when I fall asleep:

A Friday duck story (to help you slumber):


Grace needs more circulation.



Self-righteous book snob.

Now in bookstores…

Oh behave, Mr. Darcy!

Books and brows

One of life’s better activities…

Cozy reading

Don’t try this with a tablet.