Insult strategy



Stay on target…

A New Yorker submission that didn’t have legs. 

Wish me luck…

I’ve decided to start submitting cartoons on a regular basis to The New Yorker. This is the pinnacle of the cartooning world as far as I’m concerned and would definitely be a feather in my cap. Of course every other cartoonist would like to be published there, too, so I’m competing against hundreds upon hundreds of cartoons. Still, nothing ventured…

The New Yorker only accepts previously unpublished work (even on a blog) so that means I’ll have to hold (what I consider to be) good work back from this site until it has been either accepted or dismissed by the magazine. This will probably create a new reoccurring feature: Whiteouts rejected by The New Yorker!

First cartoon was sent in last night…wish me luck.