Some more digital oils…


This was one of those middle of the night ideas (no pun intended) that struck me as amusing at 3 AM but may or may not work for others, or in the light of day. As I often say, I create for myself first and foremost, if anyone else finds enjoyment that’s a lovely bonus.

Happy Monday…

Good boy

Someone needs validation.

Cold War



Today’s prompt: x2

Good boy?

Physical touch. It’s not just for canines.


Much better than their 2006 attempt.

Plant head regrets

Don’t we all. And fertilized? Haha.

One man’s opinion, but I don’t think I’m wrong:

Sadness confession

Grief needs sharing. It’s a gift to be sad together.

What a difference a day makes?

Pillow talk

I don’t often laugh at my own stuff but this really amuses me.