Plant head regrets

Don’t we all. And fertilized? Haha.

One man’s opinion, but I don’t think I’m wrong:

Sadness confession

Grief needs sharing. It’s a gift to be sad together.

What a difference a day makes?

Pillow talk

I don’t often laugh at my own stuff but this really amuses me.

Alpha anniversary change

Inspired from a walk in the park:

For my 22nd wedding anniversary:

A Bettie Serveert song lyric got this one going:

Vacuum salad

Thursday is the day after Wednesday. Happy Thursday…

Game night

Using all seven tiles in Scrabble is called a “bingo.”


Gerald needs taming.

Holiday archives

He bought the sign materials at the hardware shoppe. 

Some nights…

…are more interesting than others.

She’s no patriot…

You make 

Tube steak?

You take

Bathroom break.